Content of the Book

The work "NUMBERS FOR SUCCESSFUL BUSINESS" contains the following divisions:

  • • Introduction
  • • Controlling numbers of definitions
  • • Methods of business in eternal development
  • • Modes of business-control


In the introduction the author explains the main methods and systems of control with a help of numbers. They are applied in correspondence with terms, concepts and spheres of business.

Systems of control – is a totality of different ways, modes and technologies of direct control of events. Every person can use these methods in his everyday life.

These are unique technologies in category of decision of any task, with the aim of achievement, realization and providing eternal vital functions of every man.

It is highly important, that the author pays attention of readers to practical character of its work, shows its practicalness for increasing the efficiency of business in eternal development.

Controlling Numbers of Definitions

The structure of the main division of the edition submits to a single principle of organization of the material. The information is given in a kind of information articles, disposed in alphabetic order. Every independent part of the text presents a reader this or that object of description.

The information article – is a relatively original text, which includes a capital letter and its explanation. The capital letter consists of the word-combination, the concept or the term. At once after the capital letter is disposed the row of controlling numbers, created by the author of this work.

At the right part of information articles concepts are explaining, are giving definitions of the meanings of terms. Information articles associate with each other and make a single complex of accumulated knowledge.

For the most significant and actual concepts, in the work at first is presented the row of new definitions. They correspond to the new, higher level of knowledge. In the definitions in a short form and exactly are explained the sense and the meaning of described terms. Here the author's style has one very original characteristic of exposition – the clarity and the brevity of formulations.

Controlling number series – this is a content kernel of the work. They demand to themselves special attention. Every number sequence, applying at concrete circumstances, helps a person to normalize events.

For different situations are existing its own optimizing row. Numbers play the role of means, while using it, it is possible substantially improve any combination of events.

From the division "Controlling Numbers of Definitions":

  • ADVANCEMENT OF COMMODITY AT THE MARKET 61431851971 – the totality of organizational and economic measures, directed on the increasing of demand and growth of realization of goods.
  • AGREEMENT 519 716 718 498514 – the accord about a purchase-sale between a buyer and a seller, about conditions of getting money into debts, changing rights and obligations of the sides.
  • ANALYSIS OF RISK 819498519614 – the investigation of possible reasons of origin of material or financial losses as a consequence of unforeseen changes of economic situation.
  • BANK ACCOMODATION 31848561947 – amount of money resources, given to physical persons and legal identities for definite period of time under the set rate.
  • BREAK-EVEN 714819319471 – the volume of offtakes, the yield of realization of which is identical to production inputs.
  • BREAK-EVEN POINT 483 488519 471 – the level of production of goods, at which a yield from realization is equal to current expenses for its production.
  • BUSINESS 194198514716 – the economic activity, which is executed at the account of own or loan resources at its own risk and its own responsibility in aims of gaining income, profit.
  • CONFLICT 589617 498 71 – incompatibility, contradiction of interests in social-labor relations; disagreements between interested sides.
  • CONSUMPTION 648517 – the using of material welfares and services for satisfaction of personal and industrial interest of a physical person or a legal identity.
  • CONTRACT 498514 618 498 – a legal bilateral or multilateral agreement, in which there are fixed rights and obligations of every side.
  • COPYRIGHT 519 418 712 – the right of a legal identity or a physical person to publish and sell the results of his creative and intellectual work.
  • CREDIT PRIVILEGED 618 471219 714 – a credit, received at favorable conditions, id est with lower interest rate and more long terms of redemption of the received loan.
  • CREDIT TERM 548 647218 917 – a period of time, at which a credit recipient is obliged to clear off all sum of a credit taking into account an interest rate for using the credit.
  • DEBT FUNDS 314964818571 – a part of turnover funds, the forming source of which is a short-time credit.
  • DISTRIBUTION OF PROFIT 798641979516 – the assignment of a share of net profit (dividend) for every founder, and also for forming of different funds, reserves and so on.
  • DIVISION OF LABOUR 58497131964 – the picking out in production process different kinds of labour activity.
  • ECONOMIC BALANCE 519819491712 – the hypothetical situation at the market, when it is watched the identity of demand and supply.
  • EFFICIENT FUND OF TIME (ACTUAL) 614 212318 617 – usefully used time during the planned period.
  • EFFICIENT MARKET 698 721319 78 – the condition, which provides the immediate reaction on market prices.
  • EXPANTION OF SELLER'S MARKER 74931721978 – the working up of measures for increasing the realization of goods in a way of introduction in new markets.
  • FACTORS OF PRODUCTION 519 471218 614 – main elements of production stage of creating material welfares and services (the means of production, labour resources and so on).
  • FINANCIAL PLAN 485 461319 618 – a plan, reflecting in monetary form the balance of income and expenses, and also financial results of the activity of the enterprise (the firm).
  • FINANCING 578 491319 641 – the activity of an enterprise, a firm, directed on providing by financial resources necessities at one-time and current expenses.
  • GOODS 489 643198 494 – an economic category, a product of labour, produced for satisfaction of public necessities by a way of change or purchase-sale.
  • INVESTMENTS 319 617319814 – long-term enclosure of the capital in different branches with the aim of gaining profit.
  • JUNCTURE 318 682798 214 – internal and external circumstances (factors), directly influenced at productive process and turnover of monetary means.
  • LEADERSHIP IN PRICES 496 712814 718 – the situation of a commodity producer, who regulates the price policy of the market.
  • LEASING 514 612518 214 – the long-term form of lease of machines, equipment and other kinds of property, providing periodical payment for its cost.
  • LEGAL CAPACITY 4817190 478 – lawful possibilities of legal identities and physical persons to create and defend property and personal rights and obligations.
  • LICENSE 54856748994 – the permission for using the product of intellectual labor for a set term for a certain sum of reward.
  • LICENSEE 286148214278 – a physical person or a legal identity, buying the right to use authorial inventions, patents and other technical decisions.
  • LIQUIDITY 419 498519 717 – the opportunity of transformation of assists of the enterprise, the firm in cash for the redemption of arising debts on obligations.
  • LIQUIDITY OF A MARKET 514 712519 61 – the possibility of a market to react on changes in demand and supplies by attracting customers and sellers.
  • MANAGEMENT 47854931961 – the totality of methods, modes and facilities of managing a firm (enterprise) in market conditions with the aim of maximization of profit.
  • MANAGEMENT OF RISK 719 649818 716 – a list of organizationally-technical measures, worked out for decline of risk of providing operations.
  • MARKET 59862481979 – a system of economic relations in the sphere of commodity production as a result of turnover and allocation of goods and services in purchase-sale.
  • MARKET CAPACITY 548916219718 – the supposed size of a suggestion (potential yield) at the set standard of prices, of volume of offtakes for definite period.
  • MARKET INFRASTRACTURE 56491721948 – a totality of enterprises and organizations, attending a market (wholesale enterprise, exchanges, financial institutes).
  • MARKET PARADIGM 198682718014 – the totality of concepts and principles, opening efficiency of function of market process.
  • MATERIAL EXPENCES 81947148851 – the totality of items or elements of expenses, participating in forming of prime price of a unit of products or an estimate of expenses for production.
  • MORTGAGE 698712319714 – pledge of real property with the aim of receiving long-term (10-20 years) monetary loan. A redemption of a loan includes an interest rate for credit.
  • NET PROFIT 516318319717 – a profit, left in an order of the enterprise after the tax payment. It is counted as a difference between a gross profit and payments in a budget.
  • NORM 5713196194 – a model, measured, maximally possible expense or size, set measure.
  • NORM OF MARKET STRUCTURE 69831721941 – the absence of the dominant role of one commodity producer among widely presented competitors.
  • OLIGARCHY 498 715319 718 – a form of management of a state by a group of independent and influential men, belonging to the political, economical, industrial elite.
  • OVERPROFIT 497 81681947 – the exceeding of actual profit under planned or middle rate.
  • PENALTY APPROVALS 498517219491 – payments, is paying by one of sides for neglect of duties, fixed in the agreement, with the aim of paying damages.
  • PENSION 219471 – set by a legislation form of cash cover of citizens, reached the pension age.
  • POINT OF UNPRIFITABLENESS 498 431485 471 – the economic situation at an enterprise, at which yield from realization is less, then current costs for its production.
  • PRICE 519491 498 614 718712 – the monetary expression of goods cost, the economic category, allows by implication to measure labour time spent for production of goods.
  • PRICE AGREED 8 491 697 818 – a price, set on basic of agreement between a commodity producer (seller) and a consumer (a customer).
  • PRICE OF MARKET 398 698218 61 – a price, at which is executing purchase-sale of goods at the proper market.
  • PRIVATE PROPERTY 519 618317 481 – rights of legal identities and physical persons to be in charge of their own personal estate and realty.
  • PRIVATIZING 69851671848 – a variety of decentralization of production, carried out in a way of delivery or sale of property from state ownership to private.
  • PROFITABILITY 498712318491 – a yield, profitableness of the enterprise; an index of economic efficiency of production, reflecting the results of activity.
  • PROPERTY 189 472194898 – the belonging of means and products of production to definite people – physical persons or legal identities.
  • PURCHASING CAPACITY 714 718194 71 – the capacity to purchase goods (services) on monetary item.
  • RATE OF EXCHANGE 18942149718516 – the quantity of currency and monetary items of one country, which is necessary for gaining monetary items of the other country.
  • RECOUPMENT 719 648219 71 – a period, during that expenses are compensated by profits, received from the activity of the enterprise.
  • REPORT 798 612319718 – a document, reflecting the result about the done work for set period of time.
  • REPORT FINANCIAL 219 816 – a form of accounting, including a general balance of the firm, a report on profits and losses.
  • RIGHT OF INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY 491317 – the legalized right of a legal identity or a physical person individually to be in charge of the results of intellectual labour.
  • RISK 549121 498 – opportunity of arising losses as a result of unforeseen unfavorable conditions.
  • SALARY (ACTUAL) 614814219617 – the quantitative estimation of possibility to purchase (buy) material welfares and services for nominal salary.
  • SINECURE 316 284919 61 – in figurative sense a good paid post at minimum expenses of labour.
  • STIMULUS OF SALES 54831721947 – a totality of organizational measures, which are stimulated a growth of demand at realization of goods (services).
  • STOCK ACCUMULATION 6194831947 – the materialization of a part of profit in main productive funds for expansion or technical reanimate of an enterprise.
  • TECHNOLOGY 614 812498 798 – a totality of consistently executing operations in a process of making goods (providing of services).
  • WHOLESALE 319 818719 6 – the realization of a large consignment to mediators for further resale.

Methods of Business in Eternal Development

The division contains an original vault of basic principles and fundamental rules of creating the business in eternal development. Is represented integral system of planning, organization and management.

Are given 55 laconic lessons, knowledge of that will be actual in all times and will save not yet one life in business.

The author in system expounds fundamentally new approach to the development of business and gives the methods of control in this approach. There are concrete, intelligent and reasonable recommendations on doing the business in eternal development.

Modes of Business Control

This division of the work gives the opportunity to get knowledge and experience of business-processes. It is included in it not only technologies of control with the help of numbers, but also modes of their practical application, not only knowledge about eternal development, but also methods of its receiving.

Just in this division it is reason to search number series, using of which will become extremely useful in everyday life. Their application will give new skills of control of casual events, will develop abilities of prognostic control, will work up your self-organization and ability of using even insignificant, but comfortable for you, circumstances.

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