Every year there are issued in the world great number of new books. According to one of investigations, the main reason for which the people buy books for business – is to find the decision of their tasks. But to find exactly that book, which will give the effective decision of a business problem – is enough difficult.

"Numbers for successful business" – is the book, which will give unique knowledge and exclusive skills for decision of any business problems. The practice of its application will provide the stable way to success in work, business and investments.

It is one and only the working guide for control of events as in business so in everyday life. It will help many people to become professionals in the sphere of direct control, which will unite knowledge, practice and true values of life.

"Numbers for successful business" will help you to open the door before you to professional and financial success. And knowledge, stated on pages of the book, will make you a spiritually strong person, well-off and free man.

The book is the business inquiry publication, the base of which compiles the fundamental information necessary for achievement of success in business of eternal development. The publication is a universal guide for number series to economical terms, concepts and definitions and has an applied, practical character.

The work contents more then 1000 managing number series to the most spread concepts in economical sphere, which are gathered in one hole organized condition. Besides that, more then 50 number series are created by the author of this work for different methods and modes of control of business in eternal development.

The guide really throws light on the basic concepts of modern economics and business. And at the use in concrete situation, allows to get its own unique answer. As to experienced businessmen so to those, who only are going to dip themselves in the world of business.

While reading this work, it becomes clear, that you hold in hands at the same time the totality of knowledge and the most powerful instrument of control of any events. Without these constituents will not be real success not in one business undertaking.

The Licensed Publication

The British publishing house ESPER CONTROLS LIMITED has published this book in a hard binding. The folder is very pleasant by tough, the decoration of divisions, types – all talks about that it has its style. The printed edition calls to serve the providing of conditions for quick and exact finding of needed information. Thus creates comfortable work of reader with the book of the author.

Especially in is necessary to mark, that the structure and the content of subject domain have applied character. There for the edition is executed so to use the book easily and pleasantly. The alphabetical index on the fields gets the possibility to find needed for control number series effectively. All this make the guide comfortable for practical use.

The purpose of the publication of the work – the transmission of knowledge, which provide eternal life. Every person, irrespective of age, can successfully use these knowledge in his business and everyday life.

The circulation of this book is issued under the trade mark GRIGORI GRABOVOI®. The right for using of the trade marks GRABOVOI® and GRIGORI GRABOVOI®, which are officially registered abroad, has the company ESPER CONTROLS LIMITED (London, United Kingdom) on the basis of license agreements with the author.

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